Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If the answer you are looking for is not there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there disabled parking?

Yes, there is plenty of FREE parking for disabled persons close to the entrance of the park.

Can I bring a guide dog?

Guide or assistant dogs are welcome in the park and must stay on a harness at all times.  They must be registered with an ADUK logo fully visible with a full laminated I.D Card. For safety reasons, dogs will not be able to accompany guests on to the rides.

Is there a reduced price for disabled persons and a carer?

Yes there is a reduced price for a disabled person and a carer.  Please see our standard ticket prices for more information.

Can I hire a wheel chair from Flambards?

We have a limited number of wheelchairs that are FREE to Flambards disabled guests during their visit.  We highly recommend you book a wheelchair before your visit on 01326 573404.

How do I prove I am disabled?

Flambards admission staff have the right to ask you to show a valid disabled identification card. You can bring any of the following:

Disability Living Allowance Record Book

Invalidity Benefit Book

Visual Impairment Reg. Card (BD8)

Blue/Orange Mobility Pass for named person

Letter from a medical practitioner on their or hospital letterhead (not a photocopy)

Disabled person’s Rail card/ Bus Pass

Is there wheelchair access around the park?

Yes, there is wheelchair access around the park. Please ask a member of staff for a Flambards disabled route guide to help you during your visit.

Can I bring my motorised scooter if I am disabled?

Yes.  Please note we do not provide motorised scooters for hire.

I have broken my arm/leg. Can I still go on the rides?

It depends on your injury.   As long as you can bend your leg as normal and/or your arm is free to hold onto the safety rails and is not in a sling, you should be able to get on all of the rides. Height restrictions apply.

Is there a cash machine at Flambards?

The cash machine is located just inside the exhibition hall on the left hand side and has a small charge to use.

Are pets allowed into the park?

NO DO NOT BRING DOGS/ANIMALS INTO THE PARK UNLESS THEY ARE REGISTERED ASSISTANCE DOGS.  There is a limited shaded parking area where you can park your car and a running water tap nearby.  However we highly recommend you do NOT leave your animal in the car.  We do patrol the car parks regularly.  If we notice a dog has been left in a car, and is in distress, we will contact the RSPCA.  They have the authority, with a police officer present to break into your vehicle and remove the animal.  THE TEMPERATURE IN A VEHICLE CAN GET TO 120 DEGREES CELSIUS EVEN IF WINDOWS ARE OPEN.  YOUR PET CAN DIE WITHIN 20 MINUTES OF HEATSTROKE!
An alternative is to call a ‘doggy day care’ service.  Please click on the link for more information.   www.findpetboarding.com/dogdaycare

Do I need to pay for parking?

No all parking is FREE.

Are there baby changing facilities?

Yes there are a number of baby changing facilities around the park and this is clearly marked on Flambards park map.

What eating facilities do you have at Flambards?

There are several places to eat at Flambards…
We have a large licensed cafeteria which serve sandwiches, paninis and hot meals throughout the day.

A fast food outlet which serves everything from burgers, hot dogs and slush puppies.
Snack meals are available at many outlets across the park.

Vegetarian and glucose intolerant options are available.

Can I bring my own picnic?

Yes, we have a large number of seated picnic areas throughout the park.

Can I come out of Flambards once I have gone in to get things out of the car?

Yes.  Once you have gone into Flambards, you can leave the park and come back in again on the same day.  Make sure you visit the Goodbye Shop for a special hand stamp before leaving as we will NOT accept your ticket as proof.

Is there a meeting point for lost children?

Lost children will be taken to the exit gate.  Parents should seek a member of staff immediately and an announcement over the park will be made to find your child.

Are there areas in which I can store my valuables?

We do not have anywhere to look after valuables but you can access your car throughout the day if you collect a hand-stamp from the Shop.

Please be aware we take no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

I do not have a car. How do I get to Flambards?

There are buses that run frequently into Flambards. The nearest train stations are Redruth and Penzance. There are changeable timetables throughout the year for these services, so please contact Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.

My child is under 13. Can he/she go into the park without an adult?

No. Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed entry into the park without a supervising adult. Children 13 and over are able to enter the park at their guardian’s discretion.


Exhibitions Only


Exhibitions Only